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Open a Kids Account

What exactly is kidsVESTOR?

Can I use kidsVESTOR WITHOUT having children?

Is the Master Account real?

What do I need to open a Kids Account?

Is there a free trial period?

Is there a contractual minimum term?

Can I also apply for a joint account?

I already have an account with JFD. Can I use it?

How much starting capital do I need?

Can I pay in more starting capital?

What about the taxation of profits?

Is there a deposit insurance?

Do I have to leave my starting capital to third parties?

Can I dispose of my/our capital at any time?

What is the maximum I can lose?

What does the kidsVESTOR service cost?

What does the Performance Bonus mean?

Can I pause the service?

Can I transfer the account to my child later on?

Is there a contractual agreement?

How can I cancel the service?

How do I install the account app on my mobile phone?

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