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About us

inveus trading is a proprietary trading office and has been outsmarting the zero interest rate policy and poor returns since 2014 – year after year. Read on this page about the three cornerstones of our idea and how kidsVESTOR has become an innovative and attractive financial concept.


The founders and partners of inveus trading have their own children, as well as some within the circle of family and friends. With their Family and Friends strategy, they sometimes offer very profitable support in the currency market (Forex), the world's top-selling financial market, to automatically save long-term for the entire patchwork children.

This allows parents, family, and friends to share in the success of exchange trading without ever having to trade on the exchange themselves.


1. The Problem

A study conducted by TNS Emnid on behalf of the German Postbank shows that only one in three savers regularly save money for their children, grandchildren or godchildren. Almost 98 percent of these savings go into savings accounts, building saving contracts, life insurance and, of course, into the good old piggy bank.

With today's interest rates, those kids won't have a lot of savings when they turn 18...

Playing the stock market?

No, thanks! The study also showed that parents, family and friends avoid stock market like the plague. Even children, and especially their parents, know that speculating on the stock market can earn a lot of money, but that you can also lose everything just as quickly.

But why?

Quite simply:

90 percent of all private investors have no chance in the long term against the institutional traders, the "Big Boys". These are playing the markets with billions of capital, trading for the largest banks, fund companies or asset managers.


Parents have enough on their hands with their children day in day out, and they don't really have the time to look after speculative investments. Unless it's their job. A job that is basically reserved for only a few professionals. And even they don't have a crystal ball.

Therefore, it is no wonder that only old-fashioned investment products are used to save money and that kids will have lost a lot of potential earnings by the time they turn 18!


2. Our Solution

inveus trading trades 4 major currencies with an Expert Advisor through its currency broker JFD:

Euro, US Dollar, British Pound, and Japanese Yen.

An Expert Advisor is a financial software that allows automated foreign exchange trading without a stock exchange trader ever having to decide what and when to buy and sell.


The Expert Advisor from inveus is called FX:PATEA. It trades around the clock - five days a week - in our Master Account with a starting capital of 3,000 Euro. We offer you the link to our Master Account. This allows you to easily follow the Expert Advisor:

If the FX:PATEA generates a profit in our Master Account, it will be automatically transferred to all Kids Accounts of our subscribers.

3. Your success in the stock market. Without the stock market.

With kidsVESTOR, private investors can participate in the successful stock exchange trading of our Expert Advisor for their children without ever having to speculate themselves.

How secure is your initial capital?

Especially on the stock exchange, there are countless events every day which can cause unexpectedly large and very dangerous fluctuations at any time.


That is correct. These include, for example, key interest rate decisions by central banks, political elections, important financial news or speeches by high-ranking people from politics and business. 

But: The currency professionals of inveus observe the international financial markets around the clock very closely. If high fluctuations are to be expected due to events, they switch off the FX:PATEA in part or completely in order to protect their own capital and that of the family, friends and the many subscribers.

Our philosophy is simple: We are not looking for a quick profit. We always strive for sustainable and steady performance. Instead of being lucky once, achieving 100 percent annual return, we prefer four years with 25 percent each.

Four years in which we exactly know what we are doing and are always in control of the situation.

This is the only way to achieve sustainable long-term success in the stock market.


Trust is good...

Control is even better: inveus has integrated very effective protection mechanisms in the FX:PATEA, which can catch unexpectedly high fluctuations at any time and thus protect the account from a crash around the clock.

What can you lose?

The FX:PATEA is programmed in such a way that you will never lose more than 25 % of your starting capital. In this case, the FX:PATEA will automatically close and cease operation. Even in the worst-case scenario, you will only lose 750 Euro of your 3,000 Euro starting capital.


We know our Expert Advisor inside out and are familiar with the strengths (and weaknesses) of automated trading. But no system is infallible and only the perfect interaction between man and machine makes our performance sustainably successful.

This is why we permanently adjust the risk parameters of the FX:PATEA to the current fluctuations of the financial markets. No subscriber has ever lost any starting capital, and our team is working hard to ensure that no one ever does!


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