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The graphics on this page are verified by widgets from the FX Blue and Myfxbook financial services. They show the returns achieved by FX:PATEA in our Junior Account (above) and Master Account (below), based on starting capital of 3,000 Euro. The profit chart is updated several times per day.

What is the "Junior Account"?

The career of our FX:PATEA began with the "Junior Account" in October 2016. Uwe Schubert, founder and partner of the proprietary trading company inveus trading team SL in Marbella (Spain), opened this account for his granddaughter in order to save money in the long term.

Since then, this account has formed the basis for the idea of kidsVESTOR. The strategy is adjusted according to the market situation in order to counter the extremely high volatilities.


2017: 44.28%


2018: 28.99%



In March 2019 FX:PATEA doubled the starting capital of Anja K. (Germany)

JFD account: 457629

And what does Anja K. say?

"I work at a bank and was initially very sceptical about a so called 'trading robot'..."


But I see the bank statements and am always surprised to see how our initial capital has performed. Thanks Uwe Schubert for making this possible. I think it's a really good thing. Louis's account has been doubled already and I have opened a second account with the profit. And soon, our Joel will be confirmed and I'm going to open a third account for him.

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