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Sophie F. Mother of Marie (2)

The Master Account

I don't understand any of this financial stuff, and most certainly not how it is supposed to work without human intervention.


I would have been happy if we had made enough to buy a pram. I can see how the account is growing and if it continues to grow, Marie will have enough money to pay for her driving licence and her first car when she turns 18. She will be so happy! My heartfelt thanks to Uwe Schubert for this great opportunity.


Anja K. Mother of Louis and Joel (13/16)

JFD account 457629

I work at a bank and was initially very sceptical about a 'trading robot'.


But I see the bank statements and am always surprised to see how our money has performed. Thanks Uwe Schubert for making this possible. I think it's a really good thing. Louis's account has been doubled already and I have opened a second account using the profit. And very soon, our Joel will be confirmed and I'm going to open a third account!


Marcus D. Father of three children

JFD accounts 37417-19

I've been active on the stock market for several years as a private investor. Obviously you want to put money aside for your kids' future expenses and are always looking for the best way to do that.


Tuition fees and their first apartment - that's quite a lot of money if you have 3 kids! My wife and I also agreed that it was better to start saving earlier rather than later.

Based on my own experiences with trading, I was looking for an investment opportunity with steady growth and as few setbacks as possible. What I did not expect was the performance; I don’t know of any other investment product that achieves the excellent performance that kidsVESTOR does.

Both the development and the daily monitoring of the automatic trading program are great. Thank you, Mr Schubert! We're happy with our decision to go with kidsVESTOR and will definitely stick with it!


Jürgen K. Father of Denise (11)

JFD account 37405

I like the concept, the fast and friendly support service, and of course the direction the account is going in. You don't get this kind of return from a bank and I also don't think that a savings plan that invests in mutual funds would accumulate enough money in 6 years for Denise's driving license, especially with today's rollercoaster stock market.


I check the mobile app almost daily. I still have to get used to the trading strategy, especially when several positions are open with a book loss. But so far, all of the transactions have been closed correctly and the built-in loss stop of 25% makes me feel safe.

I'm also quite happy that inveus works according to the motto 'human and machine' and not 'human against machine' and intervenes manually from time to time and partially or completely switches off FX:PATEA in the event of uncertainty.

I have rarely seen such returns with such low fluctuation. Keep it up!



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